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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Go West! Tour - It's Official!

Well, it's official. We are going to cut the trip down to 18-19 days, depending on return routing.

I'll save the NorCal/Yosemite portion for another day...maybe a mancation if someone is interested.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Go West! Tour - Trimming the Fat Off the Route

Now that we are back on US soil, it's time to finalize the plans for the Go West! Tour. 

To refresh, we had planned a trailer/ride excursion where we would visit our daughter and her family in Colorado Springs, then head over to Southern Oregon to visit with SIL/BIL. From there, we would jump on the bike and do the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) from mid-Oregon down to the Avenue of the Giants (big redwoods), then back to Southern Oregon. Then we would trailer down to Lake Tahoe and use that as a base to tour the old Gold Rush towns for 3-4 days on the bike. Then trailer down to Yosemite for some more saddle time, though the crowds may be unbearable.

My original routing had us on the road for 26 days. Liz is expressing some reluctance - though not yet rejection - to being out that long. We may cut the NorCal/Yosemite portion, which would bring us down to 18-19 days.

I will be consulting Evil Willie and my Dominican advisers for wisdom. Feel free to share yours as well.