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Sunday, May 20, 2018

GST Day 13 - Bluff, UT to Santa Fe, NM - 309 miles

The road out of Bluff followed the San Juan River, showcasing the desert terrain at it’s best. We made the obligatory stop at Four Corners, paying our final stipend to the Navajo Nation.

Just outside of Cuba, NM, we headed into the Jemez Mountains towards Los Alamos Labs, in hopes of touring the Bradbury Science Museum before it closed. Unfortunately, we ran late and weren’t able to make it before they closed. But we did ride through Los Alamos Labs...looks like something cool happens there, so it will be on the mulligan list next time I’m in the area.

We found a great (affordable) boutique hotel in Old Town Santa Fe and were able to walk the streets before dinner. Cool place. We had originally planned a day of respite in Santa Fe, but decided to point towards East Texas in the morning. Sadly, it was the splitting point for Scott and Karen, as they were flying home out of Albuquerque (shipping the bike back to Charlotte due to schedule conflicts). The official end to the F&%k It, Let’s Ride mancation.

 But Liz and I still have miles to go...

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