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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

GST Day 9 - Flagstaff to Page via the Grand Canyon - 219 miles

Even stupid drivers take vacation...

We weren’t two miles out of Flagstaff when two oncoming cars entered the passing lane in front of us and nearly took out both bikes. Great way to start the day. Sadly, there would be similar occurrences several times throughout the day as we maneuvered the crowds in and around the Grand Canyon National Park.

We stopped for a rest stop at the Valle Travel Stop, which included Route 66 memorabilia and Indian crafts. I chose to focus on fuel and the memorabilia...

Knowing we would have no time to take tours into the canyon and not enough $$ to fly OVER the canyon (some of those tours are over $300/pp), my brother suggested we stop in at the Visitors Center in Tusayan to watch the National Geographic produced IMAX movie about the canyon. Glad we did, as it provided a good history lesson on the Indians who lived there and the explorers who finally tamed the waters of the Colorado River which carved the canyon. It was also a good excuse for a lunch break. Oh, and a tip for you lady readers, the bathroom lines are a lot shorter at the Wendy’s a couple of doors down.

Once inside the park gates, the parking lots were full at at the Grand Canyon Village and Visitors Center. Hoping most of the idiots had been called to gather in that one place, we looped back around and began the journey east along Desert View Drive, stopping at several of the viewing points. The Grand Canyon is....well, grand. I’ll let the pics do the talking.

The ride into Page delivered some beautiful scenery. The Infotainment GPS wanted me to take Route 89T, but I wasn’t sure it’s paved all the way through. Happy hour was calling, so we proceeded with the more direct routing, but a later review indicates it would have been a great road. We enjoyed a great dinner at El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant in Page.

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